One of the goals we strive for at Radnor Studio 21 is to create homegrown programming. Here is a list of some of the shows we produce, filmed at Radnor Studio 21 here on the Main Line, "starring" many local residents.

30 Minutes

For 30 minutes, host Rick Anthony discusses recent topics in the news with a guest.

Airs Monday and Tuesday at 7:30 PM

Bonnie's Beat

Bonnie Squires interviews various local movers and shakers that  are doing important things in the community.

Airs Monday at 7:00 PM

John Ricciutti Interviews

John Ricciutti interviews a wide variety of people, who more times than not, are not involved in the mafia.

Please check the schedule for exact times.

John Haines, Sr. Presents

On behalf of John Haines, we present a variety of films of local events and gatherings.

Airs Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10:00 PM

Main Line M.U.F.O.N.

M.U.F.O.N., the Mutual UFO Network, sponsors a chat between host Jennifer Stein and a rotating guest on a wide variety of topics that revolve around the subject that there might just be something else out there.

Please check the schedule for exact times.

The Leading Question

Steven Wigrizer, Esquire asks leading questions to the most prominent members of our society: politicians, addiction experts, lawyers and heads of non-profit organizations.

Please check the schedule for exact times.

Focus On Residents

The crew at Radnor Studio 21 go out and about to interview members of the community.

Please check the schedule for exact times.

Channel 21 in Radnor

Channel 99 in Lower Merion

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